WhatsApp multi account feature, then multiple accounts will be opened in the same app


WhatsApp Upcoming Feature: WhatsApp is working on a new feature through which you will be able to open multiple accounts in the same app as currently happens in Instagram.

WhatsApp Multi Account Feature: WhatsApp is working on the multi account login feature. Under this feature, you will be able to open more than one account in the same app. To go from one account to another, you just have to switch it. This type of feature is already given by Meta in Instagram. With the introduction of multi account login feature, you will not need to keep parallel space apps in the phone. The information about this update has been shared by Wabetainfo, a website that monitors the development of WhatsApp.

At present, this feature has been released for some beta testers. In the coming time, the company will rollout it for everyone. If you also want to get all the new features of WhatsApp first, then for this you will have to enroll for the beta program of the company. To add a new account, you have to go to Settings and tap on the arrow icon next to the QR code button. From here you will be able to add the account. Once the account is added, it will remain logged in on your device until you logout from it. That is, when you switch accounts, you will not need to login again and again.

this is the advantage

This new feature helps people to keep their personal chats, work conversations and other chats in one app. The new feature keeps your conversations separate along with notifications. Also you do not need different devices or parallel apps. For those who run more than one account, this feature is going to be of great use.

Apart from this, WhatsApp is working on dozens of new features. The aim of the company is to improve the user experience over time. Soon the company can rollout the UserRem feature which can eliminate number sharing. It is possible that you can add each other in WhatsApp without number.

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