WhatsApp Update: Can’t take screenshots in WhatsApp? A special feature added in the company’s big update

WhatsApp Update

WhatsApp New Update: You get many features on the instant messaging platform WhatsApp. A new update is coming soon on this platform, due to which no one will be able to take a screenshot of your profile photo. This feature has been recently released on WhatsApp, which is gradually reaching all the users. Let us know its details.

WhatsApp keeps adding new features to its platform. For some time now, the company has been continuously adding features related to security and privacy on its platform. However, many people are concerned about privacy regarding their profile photo. They wonder if someone is taking screenshots of their photos.

Well, as of now anyone can take a screenshot of your profile photo on WhatsApp. However, the app was working on banning it for a long time. Now this feature has started rolling out. Let us know the special features of this app.

Special feature came on WhatsApp

WhatsApp was testing this feature on beta version for a long time. The company has now rolled it out. However, this is a server side update and it will gradually be available to all users worldwide. Because of this feature, no one will be able to take a screenshot of your profile photo.

If you have kept this feature on, as soon as someone takes a screenshot of your DP, a black screenshot will be saved. This feature will be enabled by default and there is no way to disable it.

What is new and when will the feature be available?

Earlier on WhatsApp, users had the option to save the profile picture. This was a big privacy breach. Soon WhatsApp removed this feature.

However, users could save someone’s profile picture by taking a screenshot. Was testing this feature of WhatsApp in beta version. When beta users were taking screenshots with this feature, the app was preventing them from doing so.

No message is being shown to the users on stable update. Only the screenshot is coming black. WhatsApp’s parent company Meta has not made any official announcement regarding this feature. This feature is not currently available for everyone, but the company is gradually releasing it for all users.

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