Android Users Alert: Government warns Android users, do this work immediately to avoid cyber attack

Android Users Alert

CERT-In has issued an alert for Android 10, 11, 12, 12L and Android 13. Along with this, Android users have also been told how to avoid cyber attacks.

Android Users Alert: The Central Government has issued an alert for Android users. If you also use Android 13 or other version, then this news is useful for you. The Computer Emergency Response Team, under the Ministry of Electronics and IT, has warned users about the vulnerabilities found in different versions of Android.

Government warned

According to CERT-In, cyber criminals can attack devices and steal personal information of users by taking advantage of various other flaws in Android 13. Attackers can also take control of the smartphone through these flaws. Also, by stealing banking details, money can also be stolen from your account. Not only this, attackers can also install any dangerous software in your phone. The government also told that the users of Android 10 to Android 13 versions are most at risk. These vulnerabilities are caused by vulnerabilities in Google Play system updates, frameworks, kernel, Android runtime, MediaTek components, system components, and Qualcomm Closed Source components.

To avoid cyber attacks, CERT-In has advised Android users to update their smartphones. Google has also released a security patch. Users can update by going to the “Settings” option. For this, select “System Update” from the “System” option.

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