WhatsApp Update: WhatsApp users can now send HD videos along with high quality photos, this is the process

WhatsApp Update

Nowadays everything has become online. People use WhatsApp the most. Today’s youth shares a lot of memes or photos and videos with each other, although sometimes these videos/pictures can go in good quality, due to which the users used to face a lot of problems. However, now there is great news for such people. Where earlier WhatsApp had announced the facility of HD photos, now you can also watch videos in HD. The messaging company owned by Meta made this announcement earlier this week.

Users can also do HD video sharing

Popular messaging app WhatsApp also announced that now users can do HD video sharing as well. Users can send and receive video in up to 720p resolution, which is double that of the previous. The new HD video feature will be available to users in the next few weeks. This feature will be available on iOS, Android and web versions of WhatsApp. HD video sharing is a significant upgrade for WhatsApp, and will make it easier for users to share HD quality videos with their friends and family. This is especially important for users who send work-related videos and photos.

How to send video in HD on WhatsApp?

  • To send video in HD, just open WhatsApp chat
  • Tap on the attachment icon
  • Select the video you want to send.
  • Then, tap on the “HD” button in the upper right corner.
  • HD video recipients will see a notification that the video is in standard resolution.
  • They can then choose to watch the video in HD resolution.

Photos can now be sent in HD quality on WhatsApp

With the new update of WhatsApp, users can send pictures in HD (2000×3000 pixels) or standard (1365×2048 pixels) quality. Naturally, photos in HD will take longer to send or load depending on internet speed. Not only this, HD pictures will also take more storage. However, WhatsApp users have been demanding this option for a long time, after which this feature will be introduced soon.

Mark Zuckerberg told how to send photos in HD quality on WhatsApp

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg also shared an update on Facebook. In which he said, “Photo sharing on WhatsApp just got an upgrade – you can now send photos in HD.” The Facebook post also includes a video that shows how to send photos in HD or standard quality. The process for sending photos remains the same, though there’s an “HD” option next to the pen and crop tools at the top. Here, users can choose between Standard or HD tools.

You can also make normal photos HD

In a press note, WhatsApp explained that photos will be available in HD quality by default to ensure the app remains “fast and reliable”. “If you receive a photo when you have low bandwidth connectivity, you can choose on a photo-by-photo basis whether to keep the standard version or upgrade to HD,” the press note states. WhatsApp says that HD photos will be available globally in the next few weeks. WhatsApp will also get HD video option soon.

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