Mosquito Repellent apps: Will mosquitoes run away from the sound of Smartphone? These apps are available on iPhone and Android, know the advice of WHO and experts

Mosquito Repellent apps

Mosquito Repellent Sound apps: In today’s era, when the whole world is becoming digital, the smartphone in the hand of a human being is becoming a medicine for every disease, so can your smartphone support you even in the fight against mosquitoes?

Mosquito Repellent app: ‘Mosquito’ is actually the oldest enemy of man. The mosquito buzzing behind your ear has existed on this earth since before human civilization. How old is the birth of mosquito, it can be estimated only by the fact that the DNA of dinosaur has been found in the fossil of mosquito. Mosquito bite not only spoils your sleep but it also causes many deadly diseases like malaria, dengue. Humans have been fighting disease-carrying mosquito species such as Culex, Anopheles, Aedes or Dengue for centuries. To help in the fight against this mosquito, a business worth crores of rupees has been established for Moquito Repellent.

Apps are available from Apple to Android

Two app stores are most popular in the world of smartphones, the first is the Google Play Store of Android and the second is the App Store of Apple iPhone. Talking about the first Apple Store, there are about a dozen apps available here that claim to drive away mosquitoes. There is an app called Anti Mosquito Repellent Sound on the Apple Store, which has a rating of 4.3 out of 5. Apart from this, many apps like Ultrasonic Anti Pest and Insect, Anti Moquito Sound Wave, Sonic Pitch Sound Generator are present here. Now turning to Android, apps like Mosquito Alert are also available here.

How effective are Mosquito Repellent apps?

We downloaded these apps, used about 1 week. We didn’t mind them. But these apps are completely useless or fake, we are not in a position to say so right now. Although we can measure these apps on some parameters like research done on these soundwaves and user reviews on app store. These apps do not get a lot of reviews on the App Store, but their ratings are quite good. Another way to check the veracity of these apps is the research done on soundwave. In fact, the soundwave technology on the basis of which these apps claim to repel mosquitoes has not been confirmed in any research.

On the page of Global Innovations on the Africa-focused website of the World Health Organization, the world’s highest organization related to health, an app has been considered helpful in mosquito repellent. A link to an app has been given in it, and it has been told that this app is helpful in driving away mosquitoes. But this app is not available on any legitimate playstore. A link to its APK file has been given. In such a situation, the authenticity of this link has not been verified.

What to use these apps

In the end, the question arises whether these apps available on Apple or Google Play Store should be used to repel mosquitoes or not? These apps were not found effective when reviewed by India TV. At the same time, on downloading these apps in Android phones, a flood of meaningless links and advertisements started coming. Due to which there is also a risk of malware attack on your phone. In such a situation, we believe that it is better not to use these apps.

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