This is the photo on Instagram which got 10 lakh likes in 480 seconds, broke Virat Kohli’s record.


Instagram: Do you know which Instagram post or photo got 1 million likes the fastest in India? If not, then read the article completely, we will give you information about it.

Fastest 1 Million Likes on Instagram: Virat Kohli is the fastest person in India to get 1 million likes on any post or photo. Actually, Kohli’s wedding photo was liked by 1 million i.e. 10 lakh people in just 11 minutes. Bollywood celebrities are at second and third place. But meanwhile, Virat Kohli’s record has been broken by a YouTuber. This YouTuber has achieved 1 million likes on his photo in just 480 seconds i.e. just 8 minutes. If you read our news daily then you must know the name of this YouTuber. Recently, YouTuber has gained a lot of limelight.

YouTuber has won BiggBoss OTT Season 2

By reading the sub-heading you must have understood what we are talking about. Actually, YouTuber Elvish Yadav has recently won the trophy of Bigg Boss OTT Season 2. After winning the trophy, YouTuber has made many records. As soon as Elvish Yadav won the OTT season, he shared a post with the trophy on Instagram, which was liked by 10 lakh people in just 8 minutes. Currently, this post has received crores of likes. At present, Elvish Yadav is on top in the list of fastest likes. After him is Virat Kohli.

Elvish Yadav on top in this list also

Apart from the fastest like, Elvish Yadav has made another record. When he went live on his Instagram account for the first time after winning the trophy, 5,95,000 people joined him. This is India’s highest live viewership so far. Earlier, MC Stan, who won Bigg Boss Season 16, was at the top, but now Elvish Yadav has come at the top. Let us tell you, YouTuber himself has shared all this information on his vlog channel.

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